Skitter works with NTTC

Skitter, which had the coming-out party for its Skitter.TV Internet platform and headend hardware and software earlier this month, has partnered with the National Telco Television Consortium, one of several groups and companies helping small telcos with content licensing and related issues. Skitter and the NTTC are looking to provide content licensing, programming services and marketing support to telcos using the Skitter.TV platform to reach their video customers, according to a press release from Skitter.

"One of the biggest hurdles to a profitable telco TV business model is the cost and complexity of securing content. What NTTC brings to the table complements and extends our strategy to provide the telecommunications industry with the fastest broadband TV deployment at the lowest risk and cost," said Robert Saunders, president and CEO of Skitter.  
William Shepherd, president and CEO of NTTC, noted in the statement that "access to more and new viewers is good news for content providers, which positions us to negotiate the best rates possible on entertainment content for the telco." 

Small telcos are getting to the point where they have many different video platforms and content licensing portfolios to choose from, which suggests IPTV activity will continue to increase among these firms.

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- Here's the Skitter press release

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