Sling’s Lynch on competing with DirecTV Now: ‘Our strategy isn’t to recreate the big bundle of channels’

Sling TV
Image: Sling TV

Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch said his company’s service isn’t in direct competition with the virtual MVPD service being launched by the rival satellite TV operator, DirecTV Now. 

“Our strategy was never to recreate that big bundle of channels. Our strategy is to create choice for consumers,” said Lynch, who appeared in a live Periscope video this afternoon outside his company’s Englewood, Colorado, headquarters. 

Lynch's response to a Twitter audience question came a day after AT&T revealed a surprisingly low $35 price point for its upcoming DirecTV Now service. Sling TV and parent company Dish Network have set a $20-a-month base price for the Sling service. Even though Sling TV offers copious choices for add-on networks, its base package doesn’t compete on depth of programming with DirecTV Now, which will launch with more than 100 channels. 

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“Our objective was never to be the one service that meets all your viewing needs,” said Lynch, repeating an earlier stated position. “Netflix is complimentary to Sling TV. So are Amazon Prime and Hulu. People are putting together their own bundles.”

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Lynch said he was making his Periscope appearance to celebrate Sling TV’s No. 6 ranking in Parks and Associates' annual ranking of the top 10 U.S. OTT services. Sling TV finished No. 10 last year, but moved up four spots this year, finishing behind Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, MLB.TV and WWE Networks. 

“Competition is good for us,” Lynch added. “It’s good for consumers.”