Sling TV reportedly adding local channels next month via AirTV OTA box

Sling TV

Dish Network will reportedly add local channels to its Sling TV app interface next month when it releases the Sling AirTV box.

Originally spotted by blogger David Zatz in April, the AirTV product will repurpose Slingbox software to grab OTA signals from ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates and stream the content with the Sling TV app. The technology will effectively add the local channels to Sling TV for free, but the AirTV box itself will reportedly retail for $150.

The information about the AirTV comes from an Amazon listing for the product, which points to a Sept. 17 availability date.

Sling TV Blue already offers Fox and NBC in certain markets and the service also offers ABC broadcast channels as part of its $5 Broadcast Extra package. But the AirTV device would presumably allow Sling TV customers to pay for the least expensive Orange package and still receive broadcast networks.

According to the report, the AirTV requires an HD antenna to work and will integrate channels with the Sling TV app on Android, iOS, Fire TV and Roku devices.

Interestingly, the latest news about AirTV comes as Dish Network is praising Sinclair Broadcasting for joining a campaign to distribute OTA antennas to the public for free. Dish even went so far as to suggest that Tribune do the same, even as Dish and Tribune remain locked in a bitter retransmission dispute that has resulted in large-scale channel blackouts.

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