SlingBox doubles as a cable modem

Also pushing for TV viewer attention is Sling which announced for CES its SlingModem product. The SlingModem acts as both as cable modem and a box to stream TV to any internet enabled device.

Sling is the leader in so called "placeTV"  sector and also announced an HD version for its core SlingBox product to enable streaming of full HD content to external PC's and other devices.

The modem combo is a potential game changer and is likely to push other cable and IPTV operators to seek to similar functionality. Sling's parent, EchoStar Holdings, is keen to be operator agnostic and are enthusiastically promoting the new combo to any cable or telco TV operator which wants it.

But it was the announcement of an application to stream home TV to BlackBerry smart phones that got all the attention. The BlackBerry application, to be released later this year, will also mark the first time the popular corporate tool will be able to handle streamed media, although the latest World Phone version does have a video player.

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