Smart move: Cable resisted a la carte, saved its business

Cable's resistance to a la carte programming comes in at number two on Philip Swann's (Swanni) HDTV-heavy "10 smartest things I've seen in 10 years list." The list balances the previous 3D-critical list of the 10 "dumbest things" Swann has seen and commented on in the last 10 years with TV Predictions.

While most of the smart list is dedicated to HD (DirecTV's expanded HD lineup is tops), cable's politically incorrect resistance to a la carte pricing "saved a few of them from going out of business--and definitely saved an untold number of niche channels from extinction."

Swann breaks it down--the political rhetoric and the economic realities--and determines that a blanket price covers all channels and allows small networks to survive as more popular networks carry the load.

"Without those extra resources, the providers would only be able to carry a small lineup of the most popular channels," he said. "A la carte pricing would turn your 100 HD channel universe into a 10 HD channel universe in the blink of an eye."

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