Snack TV rules online video market

 A new survey has confirmed short-form video continues to dominate online video usage. According to Online Video Content: The New TV Audience, the bulk of video consumed online is snack-able, video-bite-sized entertainment, rather than a complete meal of full TV episodes or full-length movies.

"The most popular online video content, watched by 40 percent or more of the U.S. online video audience, consists of short pieces of five minutes or less: news clips, jokes, movie trailers, music videos, clips from TV shows and entertainment news,"  says David Hallerman, eMarketer Senior Analyst and author of the report.

News is the most popular form of video with 61 percent of users watching news in any month according to the report's estimates. Jokes and comedy attract 57 percent, movie trailers 51 percent and music videos 49 percent of online video watchers.

Hallerman says as technology problems are solved, the computer-television connection will be more viable and pleasurable for the average consumer; online video content will expand in both length and breadth, and professionally-produced material will account for a large part of the menu."

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