SNL Kagan: Telco TV take to triple by 2019

New research from SNL Kagan suggests that U.S. telcos will see their TV subscriber take triple over the next 10 years from about 5.7 million to 16.7 million. However, limitations in homes passed and overall market footprints could stop them from reaching their greatest potential, according to coverage of the study at MediaPost.

Meanwhile, among other TV service provider groups, online TV and video could reach 7.1 million household by 2013 and twice that number by 2019. Over the next 10 years, traditional cable TV firms likely will see a decline in total subscriber from 63.2 million this year to 60.7 million by 2019. That will leave cable TV providers as the top dogs in the market by a vast margin.

While the gains for telco TV players give the upstart sector come positive news, many of these carriers undoubtedly are hoping--and expecting--to make a much bigger dent in cable TV market share.

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