So? What's your cable hot button topic?


Jim BartholdIn "The Risk Pool," an amusing Richard Russo novel, the protagonist's father prefaces their conversations with that single word: So? The boy is then supposed to cough up what he thinks his father wants to know about his life, his friends, the weather, his crazy mother, or whatever else is going on. The question is usually accompanied by a cuff to the head.


So in that spirit, I want to throw out ideas and get your thoughts. What are the hot button issues keeping you awake at night? Net neutrality? 3D TV? Must-carry? Retransmission? EBIF?  There's also the intermingling of cable technology, marketing and programming. What are the hot button issues facing your business?

I like to think that I know your challenges, but I also like to think I'm still a virile 23-year-old with a fluid golf swing. Obviously what I think and reality can be separated by distances that require a warp drive. That's why I'm throwing it out to you.

- Jim