eyes Bay Area for 1 Gig network, a broadband ISP who has recently been seen challenging incumbent cable TV operators in California with over-the-top video, has announced plans for a 1 Gbps broadband network in the San Francisco Bay area.

Like Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and Chattanooga, Tenn.'s EPB, is among a few service providers pushing aggressively into bigger bandwidth offers at a time when many others are minding their usage caps. In fact, has already vocally criticized the usage cap strategies employed by others.

However, the ISP is not new to the 1 Gig broadband business, having already launched the capability in the Sebastopol, Calif., market. There, it sells 1 Gbps access for $69.95 per month. In San Francisco, it plans to start with a 2,000-home pilot network, but has a five-year plan to serve the entire market. However, may have to overcome San Francisco's aversion to large fiber broadband cabinets.

Last fall, applied for a video franchise license in California.

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