Sony cuts Google TV price $100; trouble in paradise for smart TV play?

Sony this weekend announced a $100 price cut on its just-rolled-out Google TV. The 25 percent cut, to $299, could indicate the hardware just isn't moving at retailers, even as the holiday shopping season heats up. The deal outstrips any other offered by the consumer electronics manufacturer during Black Friday promotions.

This isn't the first time a Google TV price cut has gotten some press.

In October, Sony's consumer electronics website briefly listed its new 40-inch Google TV-powered connected set for $796.99 last night, a big drop from the $999.99 price that was announced when it was unveiled in New York. But, once it was added to an online shopping cart, the price reverted to $999.99.

Google has had a difficult time getting premium content on its smart-TV play, as Hollywood has been reluctant to allow the search giant access to programming it fears will be devalued.

So far, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox have all blocked their content from appearing on the Google TV platform. Popular catch-up site Hulu also has blocked Google TV users from accessing its site, and Viacom recently pulled its Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and MTV content, as well.

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