South Korean IPTV provider LG Uplus clears way for Google TV in Korea

South Korean IPTV service provider LG Uplus is clearing the way for Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) TV as a service in that Asian nation by offering its subscribers an integrated Google TV set-top box and combining its TV subscription service with Google TV.

According to a Google blog, "[N]ew and existing LG Uplus subscribers can get the [service provider's offering] starting today, bringing live TV and 50,000 on-demand titles now integrated with Google TV apps like Search, YouTube, Google Play and Chrome."

The integration will also include a Google TV content organizer to aggregate content and browsers for the Internet, as well as access to YouTube and the Google Play store's bevy of apps now for use on the TV set.

Google TV has now been rolled out in 10 countries as a companion box that sits between a TV and cable or satellite box or via an integrated TV. The combined South Korean effort makes LG Uplus the first IPTV provider to integrate Google TV into a set-top box it is offering to its subscribers, said the blog posted by Mickey Kim, of Google TV partnerships and Andrew Jeon, of Google TV engineering.

Google is delivering content that includes Flixster, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, HBO Go, PBS Kids, TNT and TBS as part of its service.

The ability to integrate into the LG Uplus boxes is Google's "first decent break in South Korea," wrote Slashgear's Brittany Hillen, pointing out that "Google TV has been relatively slow moving compared to the company's other efforts."

To help boost its image in Korea, Google will use Gangnam Style's Psy as part of its marketing campaign.

The Google blog promised that the search engine that seeks to be more will "continue to work with cable, satellite and IPTV partners around the world to make consumers' TV experience even better through Google TV."

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