Sports to drive 3D TV

It's no doubt self-serving but nonetheless accurate when Bryan Burns, vice president of strategic business planning and development at ESPN says that sports will drive the move to 3D TV as fluidly as Kobe Bryant drives to the basket.

Speaking at the DisplaySearch U.S. Flat Panel Display Conference, Burns said that ESPN would launch its 3D efforts with the FIFA World Cup. Burns compared sports on 3D TV to sports on HDTV but there's a difference; you don't need 3D glasses for HDTV but you do if you want three dimensions--which is just one of the problems facing the space.

Other problems include set-top boxes which may need to be upgraded for the service and local broadcast TV stations which are having their own problems these days without adding technology for 3D. Nevertheless, the ESPN honcho said, people will watch 3D if content is available. Even soccer?

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