SPOTLIGHT: Caller ID on TV continues to evolve

Not long ago, Cablevision Systems announced that it had sent 1 billion caller ID messages to the TV screens of customer with the company's TV and VoIP service. Caller ID over the TV has long been held up as an example of next-generation telephony/TV convergence, long enough that the novelty of the application should have worn off by now.

But, the truth is that there are plenty of cable TV companies and telcos that do not offer this application. While it has been a hit for Cablevision, the only other service providers who usually tout it are the independent telcos several of whom have used the TV-based caller ID offering of vendor Integra5. Now, Integra5 is looking beyond basic caller ID for the TV to a multi-device convergent offering, and has signed up Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, a carrier serving its namesake regions in Texas and Oklahoma.

For more:
- read this Multichannel News story
- see this press release from Integra5 

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