SPOTLIGHT: MoCA adds chip makers

The push to establish a technical standard for home deployments continues with the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) home networking platform,  already working on a 2.0 release that will attempt to push the envelope on home networking speeds. MoCA is also in discussions with the Digital Living Network Alliance about adopting MoCA as a new physical interface layer.

How far MoCA succeeds in establishing a standard depends partly on weather Europe participates. The lack of cable deployments in Europe makes MoCA not as relevant to any global standards around home networks. And while MoCA is to be admired for trying to establish some sanity in the home distribution space the reality is the consumer electronics companies remain determinedly resistant to any broad based standards which limit their ability to innovate. MoCA remains ambitious to gain acceptance and recently appointed two silicon chip companies to its board, Broadcom and Conexant to bolster its positing. Release