SPOTLIGHT: Telcos should rethink programming packages

Telcos should rethink programming packages
Starz Entertainment president, Bill Myers, told telco execs at last weeks TelcoTV conference to not make the same mistakes the cable companies had with their packages. "One of the great things about the telco space is, you don't have this history--you don't have those relationships with programmers," Myers said.

He said the telcos should consider bundling movie channels at lower-priced tiers than the cable operators' packages."We know, talking to consumers, that they're frustrated," he said. "They're paying for content they don't really want to see.' Myers said movies were consistently what viewers wanted. "If you take that content and package it, and price it in a way that it's a real strong price value you can really wreak havoc in this space. Consumers are looking for good content at the right price." Report