Start-up pay-TV alternative KlowdTV struggles to nab major programmers

KlowdTV, a startup offering customers streaming bundles of programming priced at around $3 per each genre-based package of channels, is proving how difficult it is to secure programming from major media conglomerates who aren't as interested in disrupting the current pay-TV model as the platform is.

On Thursday, KlowdTV launched a new $3-a-month news channel package, which includes Bloomberg HD, Sky News International, Newsmax, One America News, France 24 and RT America. Missing are Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. That's a recurring theme for KlowdTV, which launched its service in September with a $3.49-a-month sports package that lacks ESPN or Fox Sports 1.

As Variety notes, the service also doesn't have broadcast channels, or any other networks from major conglomerates including NBCUniversal, 21st Century Fox, Viacom, Walt Disney Company and CBS Corp.

In fact, Variety says KlowdTV founder Michael Grams is on a "quixotic quest," with none of the major conglomerates interested in his company's business model.

Still, Grams believes KlowdTV is carving out a niche for itself as a destination for independent programmers who lack distribution in an increasinlgy Darwinian pay-TV marketplace.

"It's very difficult for independent networks to get on major providers like Dish or Comcast," he told Variety. "Those guys will ask for millions of dollars to get placed in the lineup." OTT providers like KlowdTV, he argued, are "giving rise to new live content that couldn't get carriage before."

You can read the full Variety article here.