Study: 80 percent of retail salesfolks know about connected TV

Stormy weather appears close for the always-tenuous relatinship between the cable industry and consumer electronics if a survey of 3,600-plus consumer electronics retail sales associates is any guide. The survey said that these folks "are knowledgeable and had definite views on how consumers are likely to adopt" connected TV technology.

Sales associates told Creative Channel Services surveyors that they are cognizant and can pass the word on "how long it will take for the technology to replace cable and satellite services."

The survey "is very telling," according to Andy Restivo, CCS' president-CEO quoted in a news release. "Who better to ask to determine adoption trends for new technologies than the people engaging shoppers every day? As key influencers of consumer purchasing decisions, retail salespeople can drive adoption of cutting-edge technologies and help new products find homes in people's living rooms."

Of course an old cynic--and don't you hate those wet blankets?--might answer with a question: remember cable-ready TVs?

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