Study: Consumers like the idea of live mobile TV

In a study that bolsters the potential of mobile broadcast TV--and was not ironically backed by the Mobile Content Venture (MCV) joint venture of 12 broadcast groups that operate the Dyle mobile TV service--nearly seven of 10 U.S. respondents said that they would watch more television is they had access to live mobile TV.

The Dyle Mobile TV Data Report, conducted by Research Now, found three key findings that seemingly correspond to the reasons why traditional pay-TV operators across cable, satellite and telco are scrambling to TV Everywhere strategies.

-- First, the report said, 68 percent of respondents said they would watch more TV if they were able to watch in on-the-go via mobile devices. Eighty-five percent had already said they watch live TV.

-- Second, more than 50 percent of respondent consumers said they would "consider watching mobile TV on smartphones and tablets."

-- And finally, 61 percent said they would be "somewhat or very likely to switch cellphone providers to get mobile TV."

The respondents also explained why and what they want to watch on mobile TV, starting with news and weather "even with the ready availability of this content online," the MCV news release said.

Eighty-one percent said they would seek out local news and weather, 79 percent were looking for movies and 75 percent were looking for national news. Still in the majority, 69 percent would watch sitcoms, 66 percent sports (a surprisingly low number for live local content), 65 percent children's cartoons, 64 percent drama and only 53 percent reality shows which, broadcast critics claim, comprise a majority of what's on TV these days.

"These results show that live TV remains an important part of people's lives," Salil Dalvi and Erik Moreno, co-general managers of the MCV, said in the news release. "As people upgrade to smartphones and tablets, live TV is a must-have service. Whether you are a wireless carrier or a cable/satellite operator, it seems clear that enabling the 'living room experience' on the go can be a smart business opportunity."

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