Study: Consumers must have high-speed Internet

According to a study by Zogby Interactive, high-speed Internet is almost as important for many people as food and water. If nothing else, this information should apply a taser-tap clue to all the doomsayers who wonder why MSOs seemingly shrug off six-digit basic cable video subscriber losses.

It's not the majority by a long shot, but the study said a huge chunk of people--28 percent--said they can't live without broadband Internet and another big bunch, 18 percent, said they had to have e-mail. Of interest to cable and cable-watchers, 24 percent said that 2011's biggest technological advances will be in home entertainment followed by general computing.

Cable operators throughout the year have maintained that the subscribers they're keeping are tied closely to broadband services while those who are drifting off are television watchers.

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