Study finds some 'cord keepers' among cord cutters

Looking for and watching shows on the Internet is leading some viewers back to TV, a CTAM-commissioned Nielsen study says.

According to the study, 84 percent of the surveyed viewers said they are watching as much or more regularly scheduled TV since they start streaming or downloading content to the televisions and 92 percent of them subscribe to pay TV services. Only 3 percent indicated they might give up their subscriptions.

Even more telling, more than half of those interviewed said they discover shows on the Internet first and then look for them on regular TV.

When it comes down to it, there's more than enough content and ways to watch it that it doesn't really threaten cable, said Char Beales, CTAM's CEO, because "new technologies are providing additional opportunities for viewers to access TV shows and movies at their convenience, but it's supplementing viewing of regularly scheduled TV, not replacing it."

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