Study: More Americans linking PCs to TVs than previously thought

A surprising number of Americans are using their PCs as access devices for TV viewing, a report from The Diffusion Group (TDG)--although whether this is a big trend or not is all in the numbers.

According to TDG statistics, about one-third of broadband users watch PC-fed TV at least once a year. Considering how much TV Americans watch, this seems like a blip on the radar screen, but TDG's founding partner and research director Michael Greeson said the group's results dispute claims that PC-to-TV was a thing for early adopters that did not impact the overall populace.

"Let's be honest: when most of us think about the net-to-TV connectivity, the last platform we envision is the PC, when in fact it is a popular net-to-TV video platform," Greeson said in a TDG news release.

One nice finding for the cable industry: PC2TV (as TDG calls them) video viewers "are no more likely than average broadband users to cut the cord and cancel their pay TV services."

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