Suddenlink announces three more 1-gig deployments in Southeast


Just a few days after announcing the rollout of 1-gig cities into several Louisiana communities, Altice-owned Suddenlink Communications announced gigabit expansions further into Texas and the Southwest. 

Clovis and Texico, New Mexico., and Farwell, Texas, are the latest towns in the Suddenlink footprint to receive 1-gig speed upgrades, with Altice USA — which purchased a controlling stake in Suddenlink last year for $9.1 billion — supporting Suddenlink’s legacy goal of covering 60 percent of its footprint with 1-gig broadband services by the end of 2016.

Suddenlink announced its 1-gig initiative, dubbed “Operation Gigaspeed,” back in 2014. The deployments so far have been a hybrid coaxial (DOCSIS 3.0) and fiber solution. Previously, in July, Suddenlink announced the rollout of 1-gig services to the Texas towns of Amarillo, Canyon and Tulia.

Last week, Suddenlink said it expanded gigabit availability into several Louisiana communities, including Lake Charles and Sulphur, Bossier City "and nearby communities," Alexandria, Pineville and DeRidder.

“In sharp contrast to other large providers, which are offering a Gigabit service primarily to a few neighborhoods in large urban markets, we’re pleased to be making our Suddenlink Gigabit service available in all of the neighborhoods and to all of the households and businesses we serve throughout Clovis, Texico and Farwell,” said Brian Borthwick VP of Suddenlink operations for Altice USA, in a statement. 

Additionally, Suddenlink said residential high-speed internet customers with current download speeds up to 75 and 100 Mbps have been moved to services with download speeds up to 100 and 200 Mbps, respectively, at no added charge. The standard Suddenlink residential internet download speeds in Clovis, Texico and Farwell are now up to 50, 100, and 200 Mbps, along with the new up to 1-gig service.

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