Suddenlink employees add voices to FiberNet suit in West Virginia

The tangled legal web between Suddenlink Communications and FiberNet--acquired by NTELOS (Nasdaq: NTLS) in December--became even more complex when four Suddenlink employees countersued FiberNet in West Virginia court.

The four employees are at the center of the whole legal tussle. FiberNet contends that they signed confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements and then went ahead and violated them by recruiting FiberNet customers for Suddenlink. The employees, in their counterclaim, said they were "forced to sign these documents as a way to unfairly and unnecessarily restrict their right to gain employment and earn a living."

Suddenlink itself, after first denying the allegations added its own suit to the morass accusing FiberNet and NTELOS of fraud for the way they represented how the company would operate in West Virginia once it had been acquired.

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