Suddenlink sues NTELOS/FiberNet in West Virginia

Suddenlink has answered an NTELOS/FiberNet class action suit with a suit of its own that alleges, among other things, that FiberNet parent company NTELOS (Nasdaq: NTLS) "fraudulently and negligently" misrepresented to Suddenlink how it would conduct business after the West Virginia Public Service Commission approved its FiberNet application. The suit also cites "FiberNet's tortious interference with Suddenlink's ability to conduct business with customers and prospective customers in West Virginia."

That tortious interference is the result of a FiberNet suit that claimed Suddenlink was using three former employees to steal FiberNet customers.

In its complaint, Suddenlink took aim at NTELOS for not sticking to a pro-competitive agreement it made before the acquisition was approved, including, specifically, allowing customers to leave the service provider without early termination fees.

Instead, the suit said, "NTELO/FiberNet erected artificial roadblocks for customers to leave NTELOS/FiberNet ... (that) robbed Suddenlink of additional customers who would have left ... if they could have done so without paying an early termination fee."

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