Survey: 3D adopters love the new technology

It's still not quite clear who owns 3D TV sets, nor is it clear if consumers really want them, but a new study says there's little doubt that consumers who have bought into the technology are loving it, saying the cost-and the glasses are worth it.

The Digital Entertainment Group-commissioned survey polled 3,065 owners of 3D-capable TV sets for its study, 3DTV Owners: A Closer Look at The New World of Immersive Home Entertainment, asking them about the home 3D experience.

The takeaways:

  • Not quite two thirds (60 percent) of users use their sets to view 3D content;
  • Eight-eight percent like the picture quality (91 percent viewed their 2D picture quality positively);
  • An overwhelming amount, 85 percent, said they would prefer to watch at least half of their programs in 3D;
  • More than three-quarters (78 percent) said Blu-ray theatricals were their favorite 3D programs;

The survey also found general acceptance for active shutter 3D glasses, with 83 percent of owners saying it took no time, or just a few minutes to adjust to wearing 3D glasses; 74 percent of respondents said they owned two or more pairs.

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