Survey: 46% do not understand 'IPTV'

Accenture's survey of 6,030 consumers across six countries (the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Spain and Italy), excluding the more developed Asian region, found that 46 percent do not understand the term IPTV. However, the survey reveals some healthy demand for IPTV services.

  • What consumers want: Choice (30 percent want more movies), control and personalization (26 percent want to create their own channels to watch at leisure).
  • Factors encouraging subscription: Less advertising (55 percent), ability to choose specialist programs (47 percent) and value for money regarding content (41 percent).
  • Barriers to adoption: Cost (54 percent are not willing to pay an extra fee to search content), security (38 percent) and quality of service (39 percent).
  • Trends: Younger adults are more willing to adopt and pay for IPTV services than older ones. Men are more interested in IPTV than women.

The study provides some implications for IPTV service providers. Content will be the killer app and careful marketing and user education is required to attract customers on a wide scale. It would be more interesting to know specifically what cable TV, satellite TV and standard TV subscribers want.

For more info on this:
- read Accenture's pres release
- click here to download the Accenture IPTV report

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