Switzerland’s Quickline taps SeaChange for multiscreen service

Hotels have struggled to provide guests with the ability to access their own content on the guestroom TV, but the technology is here and the time is now.
Quickline is the No. 3 TV provider and No. 4 internet/telecom provider in Switzerland. Image: Beyond TV

Switzerland-based TV and internet provider Quickline has teamed with U.S.-based video tech vendor SeaChange, which will provide key back office and set-top elements for the new multiscreen TV service.

Quickline TV will use SeaChange’s Adrenalin video back office platform and also connect with set-top boxes that feature Nucleus set-top software. The set-top platform is a version of the Reference Design Kit, a gateway solution being run by Comcast, Liberty Global and Charter Communications.

SeaChange also assisted in the deployment of Quickline’s Android and iOS apps.

“With Quickline’s groundbreaking achievements in personalization, ease of enjoyment and RDK implementation, we believe the eyes of the media world will be on Quickline TV as a new ideal for video service provider evolution,” SeaChange CEO Ed Terino said in a statement.

Quickline is the No. 3 TV provider and No. 4 internet/telecom provider in Switzerland, supporting 25 independent operators and serving about 400,000 households. Its new multiscreen service will feature individual subscriber profiles and will offer thousands of hours of personalized on-demand content.

“Quickline is on a mission to produce meaningful innovation that results in Switzerland's best entertainment and communication experience,” said Yann Steulet, managing director of residential for the provider.  “Quickline TV is the latest success to embody our desire to win and inspire consumers with unsurpassed value every day.  Through its meticulous focus on monetizing high-quality video everywhere, SeaChange has been instrumental in helping us to elevate multiplatform entertainment to a new level in the Swiss market and for the world at large.”