T-Mobile begins TV service sales in certain markets, with reduced price for wireless subscribers

T-Mobile's Signature store in Times Square, NYC
T-Mobile store in Times Square in New York City. (FierceWireless)

T-Mobile associates have begun selling Layer3 TV service in certain markets and are offering reduced rates for T-Mobile subscribers, according to research firm Wave7.

The firm said that T-Mobile now has live Layer3 TV sales in select markets, including Dallas, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Longmont, Colorado.

Wave7 spotted a T-Mobile rep in Dallas on Sept. 1 tweeting that she has made her first Layer3 sale and, when asked about pricing, a representative in Longmont, Colorado, said on Sept. 5 that the price was $79.99 for T-Mobile customers and $99.99 for others, with an additional cost of $10 per box for service of additional TVs.

On Layer3’s website, the Platinum allHD package—which includes more than 275 channels, on-demand 4K content and DVR—is priced at $120 per month or $80 per month for T-Mobile subscribers (who are given $40 per month in bill credits).

As Wave7 points out, it’s possible that different pricing models are being trialed in different markets. The firm also pointed out that live demos of Layer3 service are being offered at T-Mobile stores in the above-mentioned markets but not in other markets.

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It appears that T-Mobile customer representatives for now are selling the existing Layer3 pay TV product. T-Mobile, following its Layer3 acquisition, promised to launch a “disruptive” new pay TV service later this year.

Last week, T-Mobile submitted a filing (PDF) to the FCC in support of its proposed merger with Sprint. The company said that with Sprint it will be able to launch a 5G network that will help the company launch “wireless first” TV in 4K definition for both urban and rural customers. T-Mobile said it will be able to sell the first wireless-only bundle for TV and broadband, and that by owning Sprint it will be able to sell to double the customer base and more quickly scale the benefits.