Tax inversion impacts consumers; Vodafone, Kabel Deutschland jointly market products

More cable industry news from around the Web:

> A story in The Tennesseean explains the meaning of "tax inversion"--a term bandied about by Comcast execs discussing the Time Warner acquisition--and how it impacts taxpayers.  Story

> Verizon Communications is looking to fill 85 full-time customer service jobs in Newport News as part of a FiOS expansion. Story

> Vodafone Deutschland and Kabel Deutschland are now offering fixed-line products under the new joint brand Zuhause Plus (At Home Plus). Story

> South Korean content aggregator Homechoice is using Ateme's Titan TV head-end to encode ultra-high definition (UHD) content in HEVC for its dedicated 4K channel UMAX. Story

> Subscribers of cable television network in Rawalpindi Cantt have stopped paying monthly cable fees because the operators banned Geo transmission in the area. Story

Telecom News

> Wireline broadband may offer the highest speeds and reliability for consumers, but according to new figures released by the International Telecommunications Union's (ITU) growth in developing countries is slowing. Full article

Wireless News

> For the first time ever, Verizon Wireless in the first quarter recorded a net loss of handset subscribers. During a quarter when AT&T Mobility netted 176,000 new phone subscribers and T-Mobile US posted a whopping 1.256 million new phone subscribers, the analysts at New Street Research pointed out that Verizon lost 156,000 phone subscribers. Full article

And finally … Vodafone Netherlands is using Edgeware's distributed video delivery networks for its Dutch fiber-to-the-home subscribers. Story