TDG: Add live linear programming to TV Everywhere

The Diffusion Group has published a new white paper which suggests that the key to boosting consumer interest in TV Everywhere offering is to add live linear programming to the mix.

It may not sound like a big jump in logic, but service providers have long been hesitant to take that step. Instead, they have opted for fairly limited TV Everywhere content plans that have been mostly focused on on-demand programming. As a result, they have had mixed to little success with TV Everywhere amid perceptions that they are just trying to make more money off less content.

The white paper, titled "Bringing Multiscreen Live Linear Programming to Operator TV Everywhere," includes the result of a recent TDG survey, in which 64 percent of those surveyed indicated that having the live linear programming as part of the offering would make the TV Everywhere package "highly valuable." Also, a full 80 percent indicated that adding live linear content to the mix would have at least some value.

Though they have been hesitant in the past, operators now might need to consider taking this step to make overall TV subscriptions appear more desirable and valuable amid growing competition.

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