Ted Rogers: Media magnate, telecom titan

Ted Rogers, who died at the age of 75 this week, was a man ahead of this time, and that's a shame because "his time" is really just beginning. The emergence of TV and wireless as the key telecom services, superseding traditional landline voice service, is one that he anticipated and for which he had long positioned the company he founded, Canada's Rogers Communications. The value of broadcast content and the importance of multiple revenue streams are conclusions he seemed to arrive at well before others.

He was an industry titan who diversified his telecom interests and investments long before many U.S. telcos and cable TV firms followed that path. More recently, he was among the first to drive his company toward IP Multimedia Subsystem technology to converge previously separate telecom and media worlds, as Rogers Communications moved aggressively to invest in IMS and related service concepts like content sharing.

Terms like "magnate" and "titan" have become associated in recent years with corporate scandal and executive egotism. However, it should not be forgotten magnates and titans really are leaders and influencers in their industries and across others. In this sense, Ted Rogers deserved both titles.


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