Telco TV growing to 11.9M subscribers while cable shrinks, report says

ABI Research analysts have seen the writing on the wall, and in the quarterly reports, and concluded that IPTV--or telco TV, specifically--is on the rise while cable TV continues to slide.

The firm's quarterly market data "Pay TV ARPU and Revenues" report predicted that global telco TV revenue share will climb by more than a percentage point to 14 percent overall while cable TV slides a similar point from 48 to 47 percent in the third quarter.

"North American telco TV operators such as AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) have demonstrated strong subscriber additions in the first half of 2013," said Kin Sandi Lynn, an industry analyst with ABI Research, who predicted that "more than 1.5 million telco TV subscribers will be added in North America in 2013 to reach 11.9 million subscribers."

These subscriber additions will help telco TV hit the $10 billion revenue mark, Lynn continued in an ABI press release.

Worldwide, the researchers said that there should be 895 million pay TV subscribers by the end of 2013, generating $245 billion in revenues. The overall worldwide market grew 3 percent in the first two quarters of the year as carriers across the board added 23 million new subscribers.

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