Telcos have big revenue potential in home automation market; Thought Equity Motion lands $25M in funding

More news from Fierce:

> Pay-TV isn't the only service telcos are looking to add to their offerings. Increasingly, home automation is moving to the forefront as a business opportunity. Some 1.8 million home automation systems were shipped globally in 2011, ABI Research reports, but that number pales in comparison to the 12 million it expects to ship by 2016 as more telcos enter the segment. Article

> Video platform and footage licensing service Thought Equity Motion has landed a big vote of confidence in the form of a $25 million investment from Shamrock Capital Advisors. The company sad the cash will be used to support growth of the company's technology platform, the expansion of its cloud storage infrastructure and service expansion to a global market. Article

> A pair of big CNDs had outages earlier this week that showed, as Frost & Sullivan analyst Dan Rayburn pointed out in a blog post yesterday, that "even though all the CDNs always talk about the redundancy built into their networks, ALL networks have outages at one time or another." Article

> Walmart couldn't compete with Apple in the digital music business. Yesterday the company shut down its MP3 business, but it does see opportunity in teaming with the company, specifically on the iPad, on streaming video... sort of. Article

> More evidence of YouTube's ability to monetize its massive user base: the company announced that it has delivered 1 billion views of its "Promoted Videos" ads since launching the program less than three years ago. Article

> Add Viacom to the list of established media companies benefiting from digital distribution. In its third fiscal quarter earnings call today, Viacom wouldn't break out specific digital distribution revenue but noted that it is "significant." Last week, CBS and Comcast also raved about the bottom line gains they saw from deals with the service. BTIG's Rich Greenfield estimated digital revenue for the quarter was $70 million, which Viacom executives didn't comment on. Article

And finally... Oh, the tangled web... never mind. Maine State Police blamed a spider for a rollover accident. Article