TelcoTV 2008: GTel eyes 2009 launch

The name GTel Teleconnections popped up in the booths of three technology vendors at the TelcoTV 2008 conference in Anaheim, Calif., this week. The 103-year-old service provider is based in Germantown, N.Y., and serves about 2,500 customers in the surrounding Columbia County area. GTel (formerly Germantown Telephone, among other monikers) is building out IPTV capabilities now and is planning to launch service in the second quarter of 2009.

France-based Thomson, Thomson's U.S. partner Falcon IP/Complete, and Falcon partner Verimatrix were the firms touting a connection to GTel Teleconnections. The carrier is using the turnkey IPTV platform from Falcon, which includes Thomson's video head ends, video service platforms and consumer premises equipment. GTel also will use the Video Content Authority System from Verimatrix. The VCAS for IPTV 2.3 system supports wholesale IPTV architectures, end-to-end content encryption and flexible subscriber management.

GTel is looking to offer more than 200 HD and SD channels and other IPTV features.

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