TelcoTV 2008: IP-Prime getting more primed

SES Americom's IPTV programming and overlay solution, IP-Prime, could be launched by up to a dozen more telcos by the end of this year, according to an announcement from SES Americom at TelcoTV 2008. About 65 telcos in 31 states have signed up for the offering, which is endorsed by the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative and the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association. SES has racked up dozens more telcos than it had done so at the time of TelcoTV 2007, which came not long after the launch of IP Prime. About 30 telcos are actually offering commercial service.

IP-Prime offers more than 200 standard definition and 50 high-definition channels sent to a telco headend or delivered as an overlay solution. SES Americom has said the solution could save rural telcos up to $10 million and the hassles of working with a content aggregator.

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