TelcoTV: Adult content interactivity is the killer app?

Oof, it's a painful phrase to use, "killer app" that is, but adult content is considered by many to have been the killer app for the VCR and the Internet, so why not IPTV too?

The second keynote panel at TelcoTV on Tuesday was moderated by The Pivot Group's Bernie Arnason, who broke Internet TV content down into three categories:

  • Home Video
  • Episodic
  • Semi-/professional content

The list was quite similar to the one that's Mike Hudack came up with, however, Akimbo's CEO Josh Goldman said movies and adult content should each be their own separate category, too. After Goldman made the comment's COO Trey Gaskins leaned away from him, a facetious move aimed at distancing himself from the adult content comment. It garnered a few laughs, of course.

However, Goldman's point should not be laughed off as easily: Adult content made the VCR a success by most accounts, the Internet a success by many accounts and according to some friends in the mobile content industry over in the U.K., it's driving the mobile broadband business over there. I'll stay away from interactivity on this one...

Stay tuned for more on adult content and IPTV.