TelcoTV: Amino shows Sodaville-based STB

Amino Communications brought a new set-top box to TelcoTV 2009 in Orlando this week that uses the much-publicized "Sodaville" chip, more formally known as the Intel Atom Processor CE4100. The system-on-a-chip capabilities help the STB enable over-the-top video navigation along with linear navigation and DVR-like functions. It also uses the AssetHouse on-demand content management systems Amino acquired from BT.

Those functions could make the STB a candidate for a hybrid TV offering like the Project Canvas model that the BBC, BT and others are currently trying to guide through the BBC Trust, said Andrew Burke, CEO of U.K.-based Amino.

He said the Intel-based box debuted at IBC 2009 some weeks back, and while some of the smaller telcos likely to be at TelcoTV this week may not be ready for it, the new STB is certain to catch the eye of larger providers at the show.

While some of the more advanced opportunities remains in other markets, Burke added that the U.S. market is now evolving nicely after encountering initial growing pains. "2010 is going to be a strong year over here. It's a great market with a lot of small players," he said. Of the thousand or so small independent telcos, Burke estimated that 150 have IPTV of some kind, leaving another 850 or so who don't, creating a viable market opportunity.

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