Ten things it would be nice to get from cable; Las Vegas' Tropicana chooses Cox Business/Hospitality Network

> A DVR in every room (whole-home DVR?) tops the list of 10 things the staff at Richmond.com would like the local cable TV provider to deliver. And what's 10th? Back off on pushing phone service because, "for Gen-Xers or younger, a landline is one thing and one thing only: a portal for telemarketers." Story.

> Tropicana Las Vegas figures it's a good bet to use the Cox Business/Hospitality Network to serve its needs for free-to-guest cable television, VoD and wireless Internet connectivity. The service is like a cable franchise in itself since it's feeding 1,658 guest rooms. Story.

> Speaking of Cox Communications, it appears that an ongoing reorganization within the privately held company is, well, ongoing. Joe Rooney, chief marketing officer since 2007, has been moved to a new position as senior vice president of brand marketing, social media and advertising and the MSO is in the market for a new CMO. Story.

> The folks in Denver continue to look a gift house in the mouth as they decide what to do with the 19,500-square-foot Cableland mansion that cable pioneer Bill Daniels bequeathed as a mayor's residence. No mayor has lived there, and now the city's thinking of selling off the place. Story.

> Comcast (and doesn't it seem as if that name has been mentioned an awful lot today) has assuaged the concerns of a number of Latino-focused organizations by a pledge that includes employment, programming, procurement, governance and corporate giving with the National Hispanic Media Coalition, the National Council of La Raza and the League of United American Citizens. Story.

> Ad Systems will integrate Texscan MSI's digital video streaming technology into its proprietary, patent-pending cable TV ad insertion technology as part of a next-generation ad insertion platform with full HD insertion, according to a news release.

And finally... DirecTV has integrated the Terradata electronic data warehousing capabilities to provide "real-time information about DirecTV customers to contact call center agents" the two companies announced in a news release.