thePlatform's revised mpx Beta gives content owners flexibility, security in TV Everywhere applications

thePlatform's recently launched mpx Beta video management system is continuing to evolve as the Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) subsidiary refines TV Everywhere solutions for its customers, adding new security and digital rights management features to the system.

The Seattle-based company today said the newest iteration of the system would offer features designed to enhance its customers' ability to enforce video business policies, monetization models, and content restrictions.

Marty Roberts, VP for sales and marketing said mpx Beta also now includes tools for creating and managing curated video feeds, integrated support for applying advertising policies, and additional capabilities to enforce viewing restrictions for TV shows, live events, movies, clips, and more.

‘Video feeds are really important, they're really what drives video views,"he told FierceIPTV. "mpx Beta gives you the ability to mix editorial feeds--curated feeds--with dynamic feeds. A publisher can set up a pinned playlist so that feeds one, two and three, stay in that order at the top of the list. You can pin hot content to the top of the list and it'll stay there."

The company also published a new security white paper on best-practices, including methods of securing content between storage and the CDN, and in various playback scenarios.

Roberts said strengthening geo-location tools, meanwhile, was a major step toward greater TV Everywhere opportunities.

Content, especially sporting events, have specific, location-based viewing restrictions associated with them that content owners need to manage online in order to comply with content rights obligations. The new mpx Beta enables customers to restrict content viewing by country, region, metro code, city, area code, postal code, and set blackout areas for specific audiences within those regions. mpx Beta also gives customers the ability to restrict content by expiration date, referring domain, IP address, and keys. Customers can apply restrictions on content as a global account default, within feeds or on individual videos.

mpx Beta also will allow customers to establish a set of rules, settings, and connections to advertising sources to ensure video content is monetized properly.

"Today's fractured video environment requires content owners to juggle an expanding list of requirements to deliver and protect their assets," said Roberts.

thePlatform also said today that it had added as a customer.

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