Thomson re-surfaces in Technicolor

Thomson, the French TV/video technology vendor that has been involved in many aspects of the cable TV business over the years is emerging from a bankruptcy-like restructuring program under chairman and CEO Frederic Rose, who was once an Alcatel-Lucent executive. The company, which more recently go into the telcoTV/IPTV sector, has made cost cuts over the last year and numerous other changes, including decisions to sell some units, and the most apparent change: Thomson's new name--Technicolor.

Yes, that's the same Technicolor as the film processing technique that was one of the hallmark's of Hollywood's Golden Age. Thomson has owned Technicolor, Inc., for some time, and in the new age of IPTV, OTT, mobile TV, and soon, 3D TV, Thomson chose to identify itself with a name that is linked most strongly with the early and middle years of the film industry (Some of you may ask, "What's film?") way back in the 20th Century.

Oh, well, despite decisions to sell units such as its Grass Valley Group and a convergent systems unit destined to be acquired by Sony, at least Technicolor is hanging on to its IPTV-related properties and units.

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