Time Warner Cable dabbles with IP delivery in NYC

Time Warner Cable (NYSE:TWC), which a year ago was rumored to be trialling Microsoft's (Nasdaq:MSFT) Mediaroom set-top box in Los Angeles as part of its effort to map out its course in the IP delivery space, is partnering with iBahn to deliver enhanced television services using IP.

The service, which is launching at Dream Downtown in Manhattan, includes 60 channels delivered over fiber by TWC's Business Class, the B2B brand of the MSO. The service also provides users the opportunity to access the Internet through the TV, as well as over-the-top content, VOD movies and some Starz Entertainment content.

Utah-based company iBahn said its research showed 55 percent of travelers connect their laptops with TVs in order to watch streaming video from the Internet.

According to Light Reading, TWC is delivering the video lineup using the MSO's traditional QAM-based technology, but iBahn is converting those signals to IP before sending them to IPTV boxes from i-Plus Technologies.

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