Time Warner Cable exec: Cable TV's future looks a lot like Pandora

Is the cable TV industry ready for Pandora's  box to be opened? Speaking at a Multichannel News innovation event, Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) executive Peter Stern said cable TV is on course to eventually adopt a delivery model like that of Internet radio streaming service Pandora, meaning that customers won't have to set DVRs and spend a lot of time navigating for their favorite content--they will turn on the TV, and the media they want most will play for them.

Peter Stern


That would be a major shift both in the customer experience and in how cable TV companies currently construct service packages. What Time Warner Cable and other providers are hoping, of course, is that a more intelligent, personalized cable TV model translates to more revenue opportunities trhough personalized advertising.

Stern cited the current TV Everywhere evolution as the beginning of this shift, though he acknowledged that content negotiations have slowed this early phase. Overall, Stern painted a pretty positive view of a market whose future direction at times seems to threaten the ongoing livelihood of traditional cable TV companies. The key to playing a central role in the future will be continuing to innovate along with the rest of the market.

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