Time Warner Cable, SCTE learn it's easy to be green

With politically correct environmental consciousness starting to make the U.S. greener than a golf course in May (and hopefully keeping it that way, unlike how many courses look in August), companies and organizations within the cable space are jumping in to do their part--whether altruistically or not.

Time Warner Cable, for instance, is striving to save trees by enrolling customers in a "Paperless Sweepstakes" where numerous prizes, including a gas-stingy Lexus hybrid car, are being held out as bait for those who cancel paper bills in favor of online billing.

SCTE photovoltaic solarThe SCTE, meanwhile, has gone sunnyside up by commissioning--and only engineers would issue a news release with this wording--"an 11.28kW roof-mounted photovoltaic solar power system" at its Exton, Penn. headquarters. In other words, SCTE is mounting a 48-panel solar array to generate about 13,300 kilowatt hours annually and power the organization's IT and communications infrastructure.

For more:
- see this news release
- and this SCTE news release

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