Tiscali U.K. adds ESPN amid hope for expansion

Adding ESPN and ESPN America to its channel list might not seem like that big of a deal for an IPTV provider, but when that provider is under-performer Tiscali U.K., every little bit helps. Just last month, Carphone Warehouse gave some hope to the U.K. carrier, in the form of hints that it might be willing to expand Tiscali U.K.'s IPTV offering and give it a marketing boost.

Tiscali U.K. is believed to have some 50,000 customers, and beefing up its channel line-up certainly seems like a move in the right direction. Still, Ovum analysts indicated not long ago that Carphone Warehouse may have to come up with a real game-changing strategy to change the luck of the U.K. unit to a very competitive market.

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