TiVo and cable team up

Switched video remains cable TV's principle weapon against telco and satellite incursions and for many is the reason why IPTV will struggle to make inroads in the U.S. market. Hence, why everyone should take note of the alliance this week between TiVo and the cable lobby the National Cable and Telecommunications Association.

Tivo of course is the brand behind the box which records TV to a hard drive and then replays it--sans ads if you like. The announcement was for an adapter that enables TiVo's CableCARD-enabled DVRs to view switched digital channels--no extra set top box required.

"We are gratified that the cable industry has agreed to work quickly to develop a solution that will enable existing TiVo CableCARD DVRs to directly access switched digital cable channels and ensure the adapter is part of an easy installation process for cable subscribers," said TiVo CEO Tom Rogers. Cable operators will make the new adapters available for TiVo customers in the second quarter of 2008. Cable operators and TiVo will work cooperatively to alert TiVo customers about availability of the new adapter.

Switched digital enables cable operators to transmit channels to customers on an as-needed basis, and provides flexibility to deliver interactive digital services, HDTV, broadband Internet and digital phone services down one pipe.

Which is what IPTV is also promising.

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