TiVo bets current pay TV models will withstand OTT incursion

TiVo, which built its niche by encouraging people to watch more television--just differently--believes that the TV model won't change radically in the near future because broadcasters are being stingy with their products and people like the pay TV model that satellite, cable and telco providers offer them.

In the long-term, new forms of Internet TV might develop, but for now they won't put a huge dent in the viewing model, Naveen Chopra, TiVo's senior vice president of corporate development and strategy said during an extensive Q&A with The Washington Post.

"We would agree that there are trends at work that will continue to cause alternatives for cable and satellite to develop. But the notion you will see large numbers of consumers abandoning paid television for over-the-top video is unlikely to happen in the short term," Chopra said.

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