TiVo debuts new app-based platform for cable operators

TiVo's new Next-Gen Platform will allow MSOs to leverage its cloud-based infrastructure and user interface to deliver streaming content. (Image: TiVo's Bolt DVR)

TiVo will use next week’s CES conference in Las Vegas to debut an app-based platform targeted to its robust global MSO market.

The somewhat generically billed “Next-Gen Platform” will leverage TiVo’s emerging cloud-based infrastructure and new user interface, allowing cable operators a range of content delivery solutions as they migrate from pure QAM architectures. 

MSOs can stream video content directly over the internet to smartphones, smart TVs and third-party over-the-top devices including Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. They can also deliver video over managed network to IPTV or hybrid-QAM-based set-tops powered by Linux and Android TV.  

“Consumers face a fragmented, ever-changing media landscape as new services, content sources and devices continue to proliferate,” said Michael Hawkey, senior VP and general manager of user Eexperience for TiVo, in a statement. “Media companies are compelled to evolve. TiVo’s Next-Gen Platform is specifically designed to meet the consumer’s insatiable desire for entertainment while enabling operators to maintain market share and remain relevant amid growing competition.”

Speaking to Multichannel News, Jim Denney, TiVo VP of product, said the Next-Gen Platform will provide clients  the back-end controls to deliver TiVo’s new user interface (formerly codenamed Hydra), as well as search capabilities across linear, OTT, VOD and DVR-recorded content. Future product upgrades will include voice search and navigation, as well as a personalized recommendation engine.

Denney also said that as part of the platform, TiVo is developing a client that will run on a operator-managed Android TV-powered set-top. 

The current incarnation of TiVo Corp. is the result of Rovi Corp.’s $1.1 billion acquisition of TiVo two years ago. On the Rovi side, the company recently won a key International Trade Federation verdict against Comcast, forcing the No. 1 U.S. cable operator to negotiate terms on remote recording technologies in its X1 platform.

Beyond the patent business, however, TiVo’s portfolio of cable clients in the U.S. remains strong: The list includes Altice USA, Mediacom, Atlantic Broadband, Cogeco, Armsrong, GCI, Atlantic Broadband and Wave Broadband, just to name a few MSO. 

TiVo has not yet announced any new clients for its Next-Gen Platform.