TiVo developing 'Mavrik' cloud DVR for cord-cutting market, report says

Image: TiVo

TiVo is developing a cloud-based over-the-air DVR targeted to the retail cord-cutting market, according to documents obtained by tech blogger David Zatz

Sifting through copious documentation posted on the open internet, Zatz concludes that TiVo is developing an Android app that lets users select OTA programming and store it in the cloud for later viewing. 

For example, searching for “Mavrik” on Amazon turns up an app posted for free download.  

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“This is a TiVo app that works as user interface for OTA Streaming, Diskless Cloud DVR TiVo Device Mantis,” the product description reads. “This is under development, will be downloaded and tested by TiVo employees who are on the development team for this app or in integration team for hardware.”

Zatz reported in September that TiVo was working on a product called Mantis that would be a “network DVR” capable of receiving local channel signals and transmitting them to a different device, such as a mobile phone. 

Meanwhile, website TV Predictions first noticed that TiVo filed to trademark Mavrik last month. TV Predictions speculates that “there’s a good chance” that Mantis is now Mavrik, because the search term “Mantis” now turns up a Mavrik set-top page. 

TiVo continues to walk on both sides of the pay-TV fence, signing up most of the mid-sized cable operators in the U.S. — and many abroad — for use of its program guide and operating system.

However, as further evidenced by the Mavrik data, TiVo — now fully merged with Rovi Corp. — continues to look for ways to exploit the retail cord-cutting market. 


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