TiVo losing customers, revisiting U.K.

DVR pioneer TiVo recently reported a dip in subscribers as part of its third quarter earnings. On the brightside, the company last week announced an advertising partnership with Google, and a return to the U.K. market via a partnership with cable TV firm Virgin Media.

TiVo reported a net loss of about 314,000 subscribers during the quarter, as well as lower revenue and a net loss of $6.7 million. The Google deal, which gives Google access to subscriber data from more than 1.5 million TiVo set-top boxes, may annoy some of those subscribers, though the parties have assured the sources of the data will be anonymous. Meanwhile, the Virgin Media deal may help boost overall subscriber numbers as TiVo returns to a market scene it hasn't been a part of in about six years--since a previous partnership with BSkyB fell apart.

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