TiVo news in the wings

Remember TiVo? The company that became a verb--"don't forget to TiVo the Jay Leno Show at 10"--is promising to make a "significant" announcement about its future plans tomorrow in New York. Those plans might even include cable TV, at least according to early speculation.

Those in the know--or who want to seem to be in the know--are guessing that the company that made DVRs what DVRs are today will say something about: a new TV listing feature that combines with Internet video search, a launch date for its new DirecTV HD DVR, or even when its service will be available to more Comcast and Cox cable customers, although the latter is probably not in the hands of TiVo.

Whatever it does, TiVo better make a splash. It's total subscribers have plummeted to about 2.74 million from a high of about 4 million and its future seems shaky in an era when TiVo, the company, is thought of less often than TiVo the verb.

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